Having Trouble with Cox Phones or Fax?

Follow these steps to report an issue to Cox Technical Support if you’ve never had to report an issue before:

  1. Submit an IT Help Desk Ticket requesting the Site Pin for your school or location. The same Site Pin will be used each time, so someone at your site may already have the Site Pin.
  2. Report the issue you have by calling Cox Technical Support directly at 1-800-699-8175. You will be asked to provide your contact information, customer location address, telephone number, a description of the problem, and the Site Pin that you received through the IT Help Desk System. 
  3. After reporting the issue, you should expect a status resolution within 24-48 hours. 

If you have had to report an issue before and still have your site pin, simply report the trouble to Cox Technical Support directly at 1-800-699-8175. There is no need to submit another IT Help Desk ticket because the Site Pin never changes. 

It is very important that all phone and fax troubles are reported directly to Cox Technical Support.