IT HelpDesk FAQs

How do I use the IT HelpDesk Ticket System?

For a walkthrough on how to use our New IT HelpDesk Ticket System, please click here 

When shouldn't I submit an IT HelpDesk Ticket?

  • When the issue is with a personal device
    • The EBR IT Department does not provide assistance with personal devices or devices not recommended/requisitioned by the department
  • When the issue is with your login for your desktop, email, or Google account
    • Use the PASS system to find your username, unlock your account, or set/reset your password 
  • When you have not tried basic troubleshooting to resolve the issue
    • To avoid any unnecessary wait time, check out the links below prior to submitting an IT HelpDesk Ticket.

When should I submit an IT HelpDesk ticket?

  • When your EBR issued technology needs installation, repair, or service
  • When you need to request a Passkey to use PASS but are not on the EBR network