Printing Repair Tickets

A repair ticket is required in order for your EBR Chrome device to be picked up for repairs and should be affixed to the device itself. Repair tickets allow our team to efficiently track and repair devices.

To Print a Repair Ticket...

  • Go to to submit a HelpDesk ticket
  • After logging in to HelpDesk, ensure the request type “Chromebook/Tablet” is selected
  • Enter the location of the device, e.g., “Library”
  • Fill in the Device Info for the specific device that needs repair

If the Device info is not provided, you will be unable to print a Repair Ticket and your device will not be picked up for repairs.

  • Enter a brief description of the issue in the “Problem Description or Request” section
  • Submit your ticket
  • View your ticket by going to
  • Click the “print” icon in the Device Info section of the ticket
  • Print your Repair Ticket and attach it to the respective device

Here is an example of what your Repair Ticket will look like: