PASS System

EBR Employee Password and Account Self Service (PASS)

Employees may set or reset their EBR password while at an EBR site by going to Pass.

Employees may set or reset their EBR password while away from an EBR site by submitting an IT HelpDesk Ticket requesting a PASSKEY. After receiving a PASSKEY from a member of the Technology Department, then the employee may use the PASS system to unlock, reset, or set their EBR Password.

The IT team is actively monitoring the HelpDesk Ticket system and will address your request promptly. 

Who needs to set or reset their EBR Employee password?

  • EBR employees who have forgotten their password
  • EBR employees who are locked out of their accounts
  • EBR employees who believe their account has been compromised
  • New EBR employees who need to set their first password – Instructions for this will be provided by the Human Resources Department and will grant early access to the information.